Maloney Mechanical is a family run business that specialises in improving and enlarging commercial projects. We manage all aspects of the project, including the design, electrical/plumbing services, planning, coordination of on-site trades and the building works. We ensure all relevant certificates are obtained and, upon completion, we provide you with a guarantee for the work. The philosophy of our company is based on five fundamental principles:

1. Transparency – We believe that the key to a strong working relationship is transparency. That is why we produce a full schedule of works that break down the project into simple weekly targets that correlate to payments, making it clear what to expect.

2. Communication – It is vital to the success of a project that we have a clear channel of communication with our clients. A Project manager will be assigned to the project; they will be your main point of contact throughout the process.

3. Leadership – We have worked hard to build a strong workforce that represents Maloney Mechanical in the best possible light. Our Project managers are articulate, organised and approachable, while our on-site ground team are experienced and reliable. To attract and retain the very best workmen, we make sure we give them the training and tools they need.

4. Quality – Commercial projects require a high level of attention to detail. Creating a great structure isn’t enough, it's the cosmetic elements that everybody looks at and talks about, we take pride in the plastering, finishing detail, ergonomics of the space so that our product has a distinct feel that is reflected across all of our projects.

5. Recommendations – We are a small business that relies on recommendations; we don’t just want our clients to walk away satisfied, we want them to actively tell their business partners and friends about the positive experience they have had with us. We always discuss with our clients during and at the end of a project and ask for feedback on how Maloney Mechanical can improve to continually strive to improve.