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With a highly experienced and proven design team around us, including architects, engineers and designers, Maloney Mechanical can offer you any level of design input you require to create design vision. Some people may already have architects or engineers they wish to use, or may already come to us with plans in place. Maloney Mechanical are more than happy to work alongside other professionals to achieve your designs.


We have worked hard to build a strong workforce that represents Maloney Mechanical in the best possible light. Our project managers are articulate, organised and approachable, whilst our site foremen are experienced and reliable.

Free Consultation

Initially we will arrange to meet with you and discuss your potential future project. These meetings will be with one of Maloney Mechanical directors, Jack and James. There are no salespersons and no project is subcontracted, so from day one you will be talking direct with the people that you will be dealing with on a daily basis and who will be responsible for overseeing your project.

We Provide

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Services

Mechanical Ventilation

Heating System




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